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MSRC Common Data Elements (CDE)

Ashby Plant, PhD

MSRC Common Data Elements (CDE) are a series of variables assessing key suicide-relevant constructs that were developed to aid investigators. All studies funded by the MSRC include the CDE, which allows for the aggregation of data across studies to create a valuable research resource. The objective of this webinar is to provide an overview of the CDE and how it can be used to address novel research questions. The following topics will be discussed:

  1. the development and validation of CDE including the selection of the variables included in the CDE;
  2. the data that are currently available and the data that will be available in the future;
  3. some examples of research questions that have been addressed with the CDE. 

At the end of the presentation Dr. Plant will provide a detailed description of how the data from the CDE and the more expansive MSRC database can be requested for use in research activities.

Presentation Date: Friday, 28 June 2019