Completed Research Projects

The MSRC Research Program runs cutting-edge empirical studies to further the knowledge base on topics such as risk assessment, treatment, and prevention, as they pertain to suicidal behavior in the military.

The following research projects have been completed and are in the process of turning findings into implementation recommendations.

Currently 22 projects have been completed.

A Taxometric Investigation of Suicide

Principal Investigator(s): Jill Holm–Denoma, Tracy Witte
University of Denver & Auburn University

An Improved Virtual Hope Box

Principal Investigator(s): Nigel Bush, Ph.D.
National Center for Telehealth & Technology

Brief Intervention for Short- Term Suicide Risk Reduction in Military Populations

Principal Investigator(s): Craig J. Bryan, PsyD.
The University of Utah, National Center for Veterans

Establishing Measurement Equivalence of MRSC Database Assessments Across Demographic Groups

Principal Investigator(s): David Vogel
Iowa State University

Examining the Nature of Suicide Risk over Time Using Machine Learning

Principal Investigator(s): Jessica Ribeiro
Florida State University

Improving Marriages to Decrease Suicide Risk

Principal Investigator(s): James McNulty, Michael A. Olson

Improving the Inpatient-to-Outpatient Transition

Principal Investigator(s): Bridget Matarazzo
Rocky Mountain MIRECC

Interoceptive Deficits and Suicidality

Principal Investigator(s): April Smith
Miami University

Looking for Cognitive Differences in Suicidal Veterans

Principal Investigator(s): Matthew Nock
Harvard University

Looking for Suicide Warning Signs

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Courtney Bagge, Dr. Kenneth Conner
University of Mississippi Medical Center / University of Rochester Medical Center

Military Continuity Project (MCP)

Principal Investigator(s): Katherine A. Comtois, Ph.D.
University of Washington

Predicting Suicide Risk in a Military Population

Principal Investigator(s): Michael Anestis

Preventing Suicide by Decreasing Anxiety and Improving Mood

Principal Investigator(s): Norman B. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Retraining reactions to smells

Principal Investigator(s): Wen Li, Norman B. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Studying Group Therapy for Suicidal Veterans

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Lora Johnson
VA Medical Center, Louisville, Kentucky

Suicide Bereavement in Veterans and Military Families

Principal Investigator(s): Julie Cerel
University of Kentucky

Thinking Under Stress and the Risk of Suicide

Principal Investigator(s): Beeta Homaifar, Melissa Amick

Toward a Gold Standard for Suicide Risk Assessment for Military Personnel

Principal Investigator(s): Thomas Joiner, Peter Gutierrez

Using Anger-Reduction Treatment to Reduce Suicide Risk

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Jesse Cougle
Florida State University

Using Brain Imaging to Study Suicide Risk

Principal Investigator(s): Deborah Yurgelun-Todd
University of Utah

Window to Hope

Principal Investigator(s): Lisa Brenner
University of Colorado School of Medicine