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Virtual Hope Box Available in App Stores

MSRC is pleased to announce that the Virtual Hope Box is now available in the Apple and Android app stores. The app, developed by Nigel Bush at the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, is intended for clinicians to use with their patients.

The virtual hope box has all the same life-affirming reminders that the traditional sort of hope box does—photos, videos, favorite music, messages from loved ones, and so on—but it has much more. It includes, for instance, a list of key contacts—people who have agreed to be available for a phone call in a time of crisis. Read more about the Virtual Hope Box project here.

Download now: iOS App Store (iPhone & iPad) or Android App Store

Update: User Guides also available: User Guide and Clinician Guide

It is important to note that trials to date have been in a clinical setting in conjunction with other traditional treatments from trained professionals, and it is not intended for self-help use.

The app represents one of the first tangible products from MSRC's extensive ongoing research portfolio, and has already been in high demand. Bush and his team have also written a clinician users guide. An ongoing clinical trial promises to produce additional improvements.