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MSRC Poster Sessions at AAS 2014

Many MSRC Members are authors of posters at the 2014 American Associate of Suicidology Annual Conference in Los Angeles this week. You can see them all in the California Showroom A, starting at 5.15pm on April 11.

Julie Cerel:

  • "The Impact of Personality Variables, Perceived Closeness to the Decedent, and Coping Styles on Help-Seeking Attitudes in Adults Bereaved by Suicide"
  • "Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatique in Survivor of Suicide Support Group Facilitators"
  • "Relationships Matter: Examining the Role of Relationships on Closeness and Impact of Suicide Exposure"
  • "Intimate Partner Problems and Violence in Kentucky and North Carolina, a Reason for Suicide?"
  • "The Fruits of Trauma? Posttraumatic Growth in Suicide Exposed Military Veterans and Community Members"

David Jobes:

  • "The Suicide Status Form and General Risk Assessment in Clinical Practice: What are Practitioners Reporting?"
  • "Does Ranking Really Matter? The Patient's View of SSF Constructs"

Kelly Cukrowicz:

  • "The Protective Role of Hope within the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide among Hispanic/Latino Americans"
  • "Development of a Modified Scale for Assessing the Acquired Capability for Suicide"
  • "The Relation Between Video Game Play and Suicide Risk Factors"

Director Gutierrez and Members Johnson, O'Connor, and Jobes:

  • "Examining Group Differences between Suicidal Veterans Classified as Wish to Live, Ambivalent, or Wish to Die using the Suicide Index Score"

Senior Advisor Yurgelun-Todd:

  • "Patterns of Aggression and Suicidality"
  • "Suicide Behaviors and the PTSD DSM V Criteria"

Michael Anestis:

  • "The Effects of Perseverance and Distress Tolerance on Suicidal Desire"
  • "Examining the Relationship between Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Desire: NSSI Frequency and Thwarted Belongingness"
  • "Examining The Impact of Vulnerable Narcissism on Suicidal Desire"
  • "The Relationship Between Social Networking Interactions, Internet Use, and Suicidal Desire"

Courtney Bagge:

  • "Examining a Common Clinical Assumption Regarding the Severity of Suicide Attempts by Patients with Significant Borderline Personality Disorder Features"

David Klonsky:

  • "Explaining the Transition from Suicide Ideation to Suicide Attempts: A Systematic Comparison of Two Theories"
  • "Temporal Stability of Suicide Attempt Characteristics Across Multiple Attempts"

Director Joiner and Members Anestis and Bernert:

  • "An Examination of the Moderating Effect of Emotion Dysregulation on the Relationship Distress Tolerance and Suicidal Desire"

Director Joiner and Member Bernert:

  • "Differential Reporting of Suicide Attempt History: Implications for Standardized Nomenclature in Suicide Risk Assessment"

Greg Brown:

  • "Long and Short-term Predictive Validity of the Beck Depression Inventory Suicide Item"
  • "Initial Validation of the Attentional Fixation Questionnaire for Suicide Attempts"

Craig Bryan:

  • "Dispositional Forgiveness of Self, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicide Attempts in Sample of Military Personnel and Veterans"

Senior Advisor Perry Renshaw:

  • "Short-Term Exposure to Air Pollution and Risk of Suicide Completion in Salt Lake County, Utah from 2000-2010"

Director Joiner and Trainees Carol Chu and Caroline Silva:

  • "A Longitudinal Study of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Young- Adults: Correlates and Relation to Suicidality from the Perspective of the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide"

Director Joiner and Trainee Matt Michaels:

  • "Feminine Gender Norms, Relationships, and Suicidal Behavior"

Director Joiner and Trainees Jennifer Buchman and Carol Chu and Dissertation Recipient Jessica Riberio:

  • "Differential Item Responding on a Suicide Measure in the Military: An evaluation of the Depressive Symptoms Inventory - Suicidality Subscale"