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“The Perversion of Virtue” by Thomas Joiner

The Perversion of Virtue
A new book, “The Perversion of Virtue” by Thomas Joiner, MSRC Co-Director and Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Florida State University was recently published by Oxford University Press.

The book offers a new theory of murder-suicide: That all genuine murder-suicides begin with the decision to die by suicide; that the decision to die then grows through a perversion of virtue into the belief that one’s own death requires the death of at least one other person; and that the virtues perverted in murder-suicide are always mercy, justice, glory, or duty. If it is true that suicide is always primary in murder-suicide, then all that we know and do regarding suicide prevention should also hold regarding the prevention of murder-suicide.

For speaking events, colloquia, grand rounds on mental health topics or other types of presentations on this book’s material, you can contact Dr. Joiner at The book is available through usual outlets like Amazon.

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