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Data Request Form

  1. Complete the following data request form and email Dr. Plant (plant@psy.fsu.edu) to let her know request has been submitted (automatic notification is temporarily down) . If questions arise as you are completing your request form, please contact Core C (plant@psy.fsu.edu).
  2. Allow approximately one to two months for the request to be reviewed by Core C and Core A for feasibility and potential overlap with other requests.
  3. If the request is approved, an approval package will be sent via email to the Principal Investigator or Project Director appearing on the request form. Requirements of use of MSRC data and reporting findings are outlined under MSRC Database Sharing Standard Operating Procedures.



Please list Common Data Element items in text box and check box next to other measures to request full measure/scale.
Note: justification for each requested scale is required below.

List requested items
Please provide a brief explanation of how the data will be used. Will they be used for a presentation, publication, grant proposal or other? What are the hypotheses to be tested with these data (be concise but thorough)? Make sure to explain the purpose of each requested measure from above. For the CDE, please indicate which items you are requesting (see Access to Data Information Document – Available Data section for CDE item numbers). Please limit your description to 1,000 words.